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Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is an ideal material for electrical cabinets. It is known for its:

  • Strength: Carbon steel is a hard, durable material that will withstand impact and other damage.

  • Security: This metal’s strength deters unauthorized access to the electrical enclosure.

  • Malleability: Carbon steel can be formed into any shape, so it will work with any custom cabinet design.

  • Fire-resistance: Carbon steel is fireproof and will protect equipment from extreme heat and fires.

  • Cost-effectiveness: This metal is made in thinner sheets, resulting in a lower price.

At APX Enclosures, we make electrical cabinets from carbon steel for a variety of applications. Our engineers can design your cabinet to your specifications and include custom features and styles.

All of our enclosures are made in the USA!

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Carbon Steel Enclosure Options for Configuration and Customization

Our electrical cabinets are available in several configurations. These different styles vary by size, door placement and mounting option, and the variety makes it easy to find a cabinet that will fit your equipment and facility. Our layouts include:

In addition to choosing your configuration, you can add customization options to your carbon steel electrical enclosure. Tell our engineers what you need from your cabinet, and they will draw up a design that includes your desired features. Our customization choices include:

  • Finishes: A finish on a carbon steel enclosure can give it additional protective properties.

  • Electrical integration: Electrical parts provide hookups for switches and power strips.

  • Mounting: Choose a supporting style for your carbon steel electrical enclosure that works best for your facility.

  • Shelves and racks: APX Enclosures can install racks and shelves in any size anywhere in your cabinet.

  • Fan kits: A fan will circulate air throughout the enclosure to remove heat and draw in cool air.

  • Heating and air conditioning: Climate control features regulate the cabinet’s internal temperature, which is best for sensitive electronics.

  • Insulation: Maintain the ideal temperature in your enclosure with insulation.

Applications for Carbon Steel Electrical Cabinets

Carbon steel is a common material to use for enclosures, particularly indoor or certain outdoor areas where there is minimal corrosion. You can use a carbon steel electrical cabinet for the following applications:

  • Security equipment: Cameras and other surveillance equipment can be stored in a cabinet to deter vandalism.

  • Battery storage: Carbon steel cabinets can house battery storage components of a larger electricity generation system.

Get a Quote for Carbon Steel Enclosures at APX Enclosures

APX Enclosures is a cabinet manufacturer that has been working with carbon steel and other materials since 2001. Your electrical enclosure will last for years to come while protecting your components from damage. To learn more about our carbon steel electrical cabinets and request a quote, contact us today. All of our carbon steel enclosures are made in the USA.