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EV Charger Enclosures

EV Charger & EV Feeder Cabinets

Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) consists of various components.  Two of the most critical components (EV chargers and EV feeder cabinets) each require an outdoor enclosure that will protect the contents from the elements and ensure users are safe while keeping the equipment secure from tampering. Electric vehicle supply equipment enclosures can help protect the critical components of a charging pillar. With the right solution, you’ll ensure the charging station is secure and shielded from the elements, allowing it to deliver optimal performance for users.

If you’re looking for the right option to meet your EV charger enclosure requirements, we’re here to help. With the right solutions from APX, you can ensure that your EV chargers and EV feeder cabinets are shielded from the elements, aesthetically pleasing and secure.

EV Chargers

As the number of electric vehicles has significantly increased in the past several years, the need for EVSE feeder enclosures has grown. More electric vehicles require large enclosures to hold all of the components necessary to operate many chargers at once.

APX is the leading manufacturer of EV charger enclosures (including paint, decals, etc.) for companies that make EV chargers.

EV Feeder Cabinets

In a commercial application, one EV feeder cabinet may supply several EV chargers. Inside the feeder cabinet are controls that provide a safety lock-out which prevents current from flowing when the charger is not connected to a car.  EV feeder cabinets can also detect hardware faults, disconnecting the power to prevent battery damage, electrical shorts or even a fire. 

EV charging cabinets are a crucial part of EVSE charging infrastructure and are required for all charging stations under NEMA standards. They provide a full-coverage enclosure that protects the internal components of the charging station and allows users to access necessary equipment.

The charger’s electrical components are exposed to the elements outdoors, so they need proper protection to maximize safety and performance. Due to the hazards of electrical components being exposed to rain, snow, sleet and other weather elements, EVSE feeder enclosures are necessary for compliance with NEMA regulations.

APX feeder cabinets are chosen by the top companies to house their controls.

About Our Service

At APX Enclosures, we offer fully compliant and highly reliable solutions for your EVSE enclosure needs. Our offerings adhere to UL and NEMA standards and are available in several sizes and configurations to best fit your unique requirements. When you work with us, you can be confident you’ll get products that you can trust for uncompromising performance and security.

APX Enclosures is a Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in the design and manufacturing of UL-Listed/NEMA certified outdoor enclosures. Our enclosures are made in the USA.

Our Service Benefits

Choosing APX Enclosures gives you access to high-quality solutions that will meet your unique operating needs. Our EVSE Enclosures feature several key advantages:

  • Weatherproof: Our enclosure selections are fully weatherproof and can withstand ongoing exposure to the elements while protecting the sensitive electrical components of the charging station.

  • Secure & lockable: When you install one of our feeder enclosures, you know it will stay secure and fully protect the charging components.

  • UL listed/NEMA certified: We maintain full industry compliance. Our products are UL-listed and NEMA-certified to meet optimal performance standards.

  • Customizable with on-staff engineering: Our product selections feature many different options. We also offer customization choices to ensure you get the best fit for your specific requirements. We offer the ability to install fans, air conditioning, heating and/or heat pumps. You can also choose from different painting options and customize the enclosures using decals and silk screening.

Contact APX Enclosures About Our EV Charger Cabinets

If you’re looking for dependable EV charger solutions to protect your stations, turn to APX Enclosures. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help make finding the proper enclosure solution fast and convenient.

Using our sales process streamlines the ordering process while ensuring you have a custom option that works best with your charging station specifications. Our knowledgeable sales team will help identify the right product for you and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also deliver your enclosure to your location, and our technicians can install it for you.

To learn more about our offerings, reach out to us today!