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Enclosures for electrical controls

Electrical enclosures refer to cabinets or boxes that keep electronic equipment and prevent electrical shock. Rigid plastics or durable metals like steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are common enclosures materials. They are designated with a rating that shows their ability to protect against environmental conditions that may pose hazards. Hazardous and non-hazardous threats can be kept at bay using electrical enclosures.
Many NEMA enclosure types meet various standards. APX Enclosures specializes in designs meeting NEMA 3R and 4X standards, and these are the only NEMA enclosure types we make that are officially certified. Whatever enclosure type you order, we will manufacture it with quality and care.
Enclosures play a crucial role in safeguarding electrical equipment that is utilized in various building, industrial, and utility applications. They’re adept at shielding machinery from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Enclosures are commonly used to protect equipment such as generators, transformers, switches, control panels, and data communication systems from physical damage or tampering.
Enclosures are often used to protect the following equipment:
Circuit breakers, contactors, control panels, and switches
Distribution boards and panelboards
Pressurization and purging equipment and systems
Manufacturing plants
Mining, oil, and gas facilities
APX Enclosures is the place to go for your NEMA outdoor enclosure cabinets. Since 2001, we have provided customers across the United States with high-quality, custom-made cabinets designed to meet their needs.
Contact APX Enclosures today through our online contact form for more information or to order your NEMA enclosures. Our enclosures are made in the USA.
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